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My Methods

“What you achieve inwardly changes your outer reality”,  Otto Rank

Analytical psychotherapy is a  therapy where the patient speaks about his/her problems, difficulties, and everything else that passes through their head in a free association of ideas, (impressions, dreams, emotions) … the objective is to discover the source of the symptoms (anguish, fear, phobias, relations, or other).

The frequency and the duration of the therapy depends entirely on the needs of each individual or couple; everybody progresses at their own rhythm and capacity.  The sessions take place in a confidental, neutral and reassuring environment.  It's a time and space where true comprehension is established between the patient and therapist; this secure connection is of significant importance for the progression of the therapy. 


There are times in our lives when we all feel overwhelmed and challenged.  The initiative to take a rendezvous with a psychotherapist and to start talking through one’s emotional and psychological challenges is maybe the most significant and valuable thing one can do to improve their life: work, family, relations, etc.  With time and attention, psychotherapy can bring about authentic, lasting change into one’s life even if the obstacles seem overwhelming.